My biography


My name is Fábio Santos and I’m 28 years old. I live in Praia da Barra, Portugal and work from my home office with my girlfriend and my dog. I’m working on this field for 7 years and I feel like it’s an amazing career, since I’m able to work on exciting projects working remotely from my home that’s exactly 30 seconds away from the beach.

On my free time I love to watch football, go to the beach, travel and take photos or play videogames. I also spend a lot of time watching tv series or playing and walking my big fellow Dazzle, the Jack Russell!

In the beginning of my career I had full stack roles, where I was responsible for developing and also designing. But for the past 4 years I’m 100% focused on designing. I think it’s a great background to have, since it’s easier now to communicate and understand what the developers want and need to perform their job.

I would say I’m a very goal oriented designer. Since the beginning that I was like the user advocate on the projects I worked on. I believe that every page and every element on that page or interaction should be thought with a user goal in mind. I always like to simplify everything to the minimum effort solution. We live in an amazing technology era, but with a very fast-paced set of users. Users install and open an app, website, or even the car control system with an objective in mind. My aim is to find what that objective is and make everything possible to give them what they look for through a digital interface (if they really need a digital interface).

As a designer I’m shaped by pretty much everything around me, like people, tech, games, travel, brand, commerce, books, architecture or even music. One of the most important elements in design for me is white space, it’s a tricky thing to explain to my clients, but i believe it works like silences in music. It’s the silences that give meaning to everything, without silences we would have only noise and chaos. It’s the same on design, all the elements needs to be in their right space, so they can be correctly understood.

If you want to talk a bit about design, or you have some project to work on with me, feel free to contact me!