Fuze Web App

Fuze web app was one of the most exciting projects I worked on. A bit of history first, Thinking Phones Network acquired Contactive in the end of 2015 and Fuze in 2016. There was a huge rebranding and at middle of 2016 and Thinking Phones turned into Fuze. In terms of product what it meant was that we had to get the best features of Contactive, Thinkng Phones and Fuze and put it all at the same product.

So the objective was to have a powerful calling system (with merge calls, transfers, conferences and so on), contact intelligence (identify numbers and give info about them) and also a video conference and meeting system. Our objective in the Product team was to identify the key features and make them all work together in the same product. I was responsible for the webapp design and part of the Android app. On the following shots you can see the work that was done on the web app.

Every screen, every little detail was previously thought, wireframed and discussed with all the stakeholders. We tried a lot of different AI alternatives before coming to the final version.